Why You Should Invest in “Me Time” for Yourself

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Many people live their day to day life without thinking twice about giving themselves “me time”. If you are a mom/dad you probably think there is no such thing as “me time” with kids, it becomes “their time.” Look it’s totally okay to give your kids all the love from your heart but you need to also learn to keep some love for yourself.

Here is Why You Should Invest in “Me Time”

Let me give you a reason why. Not giving yourself the “me time” you deserve means that you are using all the love for the world, your work, and your family. That isn’t a bad thing but the reason you need to have a little bit of love for yourself is that once your kids grow up they will think it’s okay to not give themselves “me time” because mom and dad never did so why should I? This will be a never-ending cycle, but the worst part of it all is that without your precious “me time” you will not be able to love yourself the way you need to. This is because during your “me time” you take the time of your busy day to give love to yourself.

How can you love anyone or anything without loving yourself? You already know this is impossible and when you don’t love yourself you have a long road ahead of you filled with insecurities and depression. Then people wonder why they have depression in their happy life. This is because a lot of people are depressed that they can’t give themselves the love they truly deserve.

I know what you’re thinking, what does love have to do with “me time?” It has everything to do with it. Like I mentioned earlier, within your “me time” you actually take the time to give yourself love. During your “me time” you should be doing something you love, like meditating. Doing things for yourself will only make you love yourself and appreciate your “me time.” Not doing this will make you feel more apart from your true self because you are paying attention to everything around you but yourself.


Get Excited for Your “Me Time”

Do yourself a favor, take a bubble bath, pick up your favorite book, a glass of wine, then just mellow out all the hardships and drama of your everyday life. Or maybe start on that home project you have been set aside. I promise you that you will feel like a new person and more in touch with your inner self. Your mind will be leveled and you can tackle your daily life one at a time with ease and happiness knowing that you have taken care of yourself. My “me time” is writing, even if this means writing about nothing or something, writing is the way I love myself and writing is the way I let my inner self-shine!

Don’t be afraid of your thoughts when you’re alone, I promise it isn’t as bad as you think. I actually had this battle for a very long time. It was hard to be alone with my thoughts. But when I did go into my mind I started cleaning out the garbage by analyzing whether or not I should be thinking about this or is this memory worth thinking about daily? If the answer was no I would sort it into a filing cabinet and move on to the next thought.

Seriously, don’t let anyone not even your own bad thoughts when you’re alone, keep you from giving yourself that “me time” love you need and crave for every day.


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