The Secret to Gym Motivation

Are you ready to make the change and start living the gym life but aren’t sure how in the world you will gain the gym motivation you need to actually go? Long, long ago, in a pre-gym era (dark times), you couldn’t come to me and motivate me to hit the gym to save your life. I was a tough cookie, don’t even try and talk about the gym with me. One day I got to thinking why I have so much anger when people talk about this “gym life.” That’s when I realized that most of my anger about the whole gym topic stems from a lack of motivation. Just like you, I didn’t have much enthusiasm to hit the gym so if I wasn’t excited about it I thought, “what’s the point?”. Little did I know that there IS a secret to obtaining gym motivation.

Many times have I fallen off the gym wagon but many times I have come back stronger and more dedicated. As I mentioned earlier, there is a secret to getting yourself to the gym. Are you ready?


Your Mindset is the Secret to Gym Motivation

In fact, your mindset is the exact thing that is holding you back from your full potential. Ever heard of morning affirmations? There is a reason why many people including myself, practice morning affirmations and that’s because it sets your day up for whatever you’re telling yourself during those affirmations. If you tell yourself when you get out of bed that you’re tired and you keep saying that to yourself, chances are that you will actually become more tired! I know this is some mind-boggling stuff.

If you’re stuck in the “I’m too busy” mindset, you will never make time for the gym. Try changing your mindset to “It’s my ME time, my time to relax and better myself.” I can guarantee that as soon as you start to change your mindset and realize that it’s not a burden to take care of your health you will not only see a change in yourself and the way you view going to the gym. Pamper yourself with a good workout. Feel the passion burning through your soul and I promise you are going to not only love the results but you will love the process too.

Now that you know the secret to gym motivation you must try it and let me know how it goes!

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