How Confidence Turns into Success

Guys, do you understand just how many amazing possibilities the world has to offer? Unfortunately, many of us are stuck thinking we don’t have the skill set or the confidence to go for what we want. The opportunities are out there, are you taking advantage of them? If you have found yourself not taking chances or deciding to not go for what you want, you are lacking in confidence. Let me just say really quick that there was a long time in my life when I lacked the confidence to do anything, let alone take a chance. No, I didn’t wake up one day and have the confidence I have today. It wasn’t until I understood how important it is to have confidence when I decided to do something about it.

GUYS, I was the girl who didn’t know English in a room full of strangers. I was the girl who stuttered while reading aloud and the girl who was picked on in middle school for the way I looked. Confidence was not handed to me, confidence was stolen from me at a very young age. Fast forward years later, I’m here trying to share just how important it is to have the right amount of confidence.

Just so you know, confidence is not something you gain and have for the rest of your life without needing to do anything, it’s definitely something you will work on for many years. It’s worth it.

Pretty Tall Thoughts

What does confidence have to do with success, you ask?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the romantic relationship between confidence and success. They are truly inseparable! You cannot have one or the other because they come as a pair. Most people think that confidence comes from becoming successful and desired results but that’s just backwards!

Remember when I mentioned that there are so many stinking opporunities out there in the world and we realized that maybe you’re not going for those opportunities because you lack confidence? There is a greater reason to why you haven’t put yourself out there for these opportunities. One thought rolls into another and a whole snowball effect happens, before you know it, you’re in a hole of despair. Then you think the best thing to do is not try because if you try you will fail and there is nothing worse than failure. Sound familiar?

My loves, I WAS THERE. Sometimes I get there but I follow my path of lights and come back stronger than before. I will not lie to you, it’s not an easy thing to do. To try something that you can fail at, trust someone who can betray you, invest in something that will bankrupt you, travel because accidents happen, if you keep going you will find there to be a negative to all positives.

You are blocking yourself if you continue this route, you are losing opportunities and missing chances that will never reappear!


GUYS, If I can do it why couldn’t you? Don’t box yourself in with negative thinking because when it’s too late you’ll regret it! The worst that could happen is someone says “No”. Even a no doesn’t mean it’s gameover. Y’all, no’s will be said. It doesn’t mean give up on yourself and what you want, let it motivate you.

Confidence is like a beautiful flower that you have to nurture. Like I mentioned above, once you feel confident you will need to work at it to stay confident. When you learn to nurture your confidence, you will notice that you are more willing to try new opportunities and take chances. You never know what opportunity you will sign up for just by going in there with a confident feeling. Confidence= success y’all.

 Don’t think that being some kind of eye candy will give you confidence either

Being confident has nothing to do with appearance. No matter how many people will tell you you’re beautiful, you will never believe their words because you don’t feel beautiful. Confidence comes from within and no matter how many pictures you post on Instagram, you won’t feel confident unless you truly feel it inside. Does that make sense? You’ll look like beautiful but you won’t feel it! That’s why I say that being some kind of eye candy won’t give you the confidence you seek. You are worthy of respect, you are worthy of love, and you don’t need to be eye candy for anyone just because you want to achieve a sense of confidence. Feed your soul! Feeding your soul will help you find the confidence you search for.

You can feed your soul by doing many different things for yourself. Such as listening to music and getting your jam on, opening your eyes to the sweetness of the day, disolve your inhibitions in a hot bubble bath, and be the fountain of gladness.


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