DIY Spa Pedicure


Guys, I seriously can’t be the only person in need of a real pedicure! Woman Facepalming Unfortunately, your girl is super busy and ain’t nobody got time for that. Let’s get real for a moment. If there was a super amazing yet super simple DIY step by step Spa Pedicure, would you do it? After all, you deserve to pamper yourself! This weekend I decided to do my own take of a DIY Spa Pedicure and honestly guys the results makes me want to cry tears of joy. Let’s dive right into what you need.

DIY Spa Pedicure

Footprints What you need for your DIY Spa Pedicure Footprints

Right Arrow Mary Kay’s Satin Hands set

Right Arrow Mary Kay’s Charcoal mask

Right Arrow Water

Right Arrow Hands

Right Arrow Feet

Prep your feet with the Satin Hands set

One of our best selling sets have to be the satin hands set and if you have the set then you already know the magic inside the bottles. If you didn’t already know, you can tell the age of a woman just by looking at their hands! I know it’s unbelievable and yet so true. Anyway, I use satin hands at least twice a week and because I’m such a fan of the set I thought to use them on my feet!

First thing you have to do is massage the protecting softener into your feet and take a moment to enjoy then you add the satin smoothie refining scrub to scrub off dead skin but again take your time and enjoy the beads against your skin! Make sure to rinse off after this step and don’t use the nourishing Shea cream until the very end of the spa pedicure.

Time to add the Charcoal Mask

Many moons ago I purchased Mary Kay’s charcoal mask and I have to be honest, I am in love with the consistent results that I thought to myself again, if it removes toxins and dead skin from my face, why wouldn’t I be able to use it on my feet? So I began my little experiment and the results are uncanny!

Once you have completed the first step your feet should be dry and ready to add the charcoal mask onto the heels of your feet and other areas of your feet that have a lot of dead skin accumulation. You have to keep the charcoal mask on the treated area for 20 minutes so I recommend bringing a towel and placing your feet on them once dry so you can chill to the max without accidentally getting charcoal on your bed or sofa.

Just like that results are here!

Once 20 minutes have passed, you have to wash off the charcoal mask and dry your feet. Then you can massage in the last of the three-step satin hands set, the nourishing Shea cream, on your feet and enjoy the fantastic results right before your eyes

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