Pretty Tall Thoughts

Who Is Behind Pretty Tall Thoughts?


That would be me. Sabrina Anita Banks. I put Pretty Tall Thoughts on the map for the sole reason to help. Let me shed a light on those real-life occurrences you won't read online. The honest tips you can take that will help you slay and not do the opposite.

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What To Expect From Pretty Tall Thoughts

I feel as a writer to give my audience a fair just of expectations. You, as the reader, deserve that much respect than to just throw you onto my blog without any reason or rhyme. Aside from laughs, tips, and poems that make you think, you will be able to dive into three sections of PTT.

Model Life


Want to be a model? Being a model isn't easy. Especially with scams and people who are in it for themselves. Let's be frank, as models we want to succeed. However, I believe in not tricking our model babes into failure. That's why there will be a part of my blog to help both sides of the equation; models and photographers. I got you, girl. Stick with me.



Hiii loves I just want to be clear, I am no beauty guru. But I can share with you my tips and tricks. Having the right skincare regimen goes hand in hand with being a model. I have the beauty insights you're craving. As a Mary Kay consultant, you better believe I will have those insider secrets.



What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't add a little personal flair to Pretty Tall Thoughts? That's why I created this last section to the blog where you will be able to find anything and everything. From my poetry to my recipes and adventures. Can't wait to share with you all my life's journeys.


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