Who I Am

57 Facts About Me


  1. I’m probably taller than you, I’m 5’10
  2. I have two nicknames; Brina and Sabrinita (correlation of Sabrina and Anita–my middle name)
  3. I’m married to the most wonderful man
  4. I am a mother of cats; 3 of them named Thor, Lorelei, and Amora.
  5. I live in Pompano Beach, Florida but my childhood took place in Atlanta, GA.
  6. Chipotle is NOT my life
  7. I’m Peruvian-American.
  8. My first language was sarcasm, just kidding it was Spanish.
  9. Game of Thrones is probably my all time favorite TV show. Winter is Coming.
  10. Corners and I don’t get along.
  11. For my birthday I always say I want to go to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure– Yes, I enjoy the occasional thrill ride.
  12. JOKES, I live for the thrill. I’m an adrenaline junkie.
  13. I’m not funny, I’m more of those accidentally funny people!
  14. My first car ever was a 1996 Grand Cherokee Jeep.
  15. In high school I was dually enrolled in Medical Billing and Coding at Sheridan Technical College.
  16. Despite missing so much school, I managed to be the only one in my class to pass the new CBCS exam.
  17. My mental health is very important to me.
  18. My little sister is my little inspiration.
  19. I have always loved cats since I was very little.
  20. I curse like a sailor, except in front of my mom.
  21. I’ve been in this world for 21 years.
  22. House Gryffindor all the way.
  23. I might have an obsession with candles.
  24. My favorite thing to do at a gym is lift weights. Weight training has improved my body strength tremendously.
  25. Reading a good book about murder is a fun time to me.
  26. Machu Pichuu is the most beautiful place ever. You must visit.
  27. I’m an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay– No, it’s not a cult. I wish it were.
  28. I love women who help other women, from business or just simply empowering each other.
  29. I’ve lived in Peru with my uncles and late grandmother. It’s a different world compared to the U.S.
  30. People who don’t use their blinkers really grinds my gears.
  31. I feel so much sometimes and at times I feel nothing.
  32. When I love, I love with my whole body and soul.
  33. I can’t watch Planet Earth because seeing animals kill other animals hurts my heart. Even though it’s nature, I know this, it’s still sad for me.
  34. Killing beetles is something I never do. I can’t stand the crunch noise it makes when you step on them!
  35. One day I want to travel the world.
  36. I probably smile way too much. I even smile when I’m running– I’ve been told that’s an odd thing to do while running!
  37. Spoiling my cats warms my heart.
  38. I run on coffee for sure.
  39. Hot sauce is the way to my heart, I love hot sauce. Get Tabasco out my face.
  40. Lists calm me down.
  41. I have a zillion notebooks. They all serve their own purpose.
  42. I have always loved to write, ever since I could remember I was writing.
  43. My favorite teacher is Ms. Johnson from Knight Elementary. She really changed my life.
  44. My first job was a hostess in Tgifridays of Hollywood.
  45. I graduated high school in 2015.
  46. I found Thor, my fire point Siamese in a car engine right outside Publix. I waited until the car owner came and took him out. He was a greased up white cotton ball of a kitten.
  47. My favorite quote is ” in a battle, the first one to react loses.” From the Art of War.
  48. Netflix and I are super tight.
  49. I make self inflicting jokes and then wonder why I have no friends. See?
  50. I’m probably the most clumsy person you could ever meet.
  51. I am a huge believer in second chances. I believe that anyone can change, it begins by changing their mind set.
  52. Dancing is literally my favorite thing to do. I wish I could do it professionally.
  53. I love to cook. Cooking good food is considered fun for me.
  54. I believe that I’m in this planet for a reason, to help and to inspire people to change their lives. One blog at a time.
  55. I met my husband in high school in front of the gym, let me say this. He had one leg on the wall and one hand in his pocket all whilst listening to music. I thought to myself, wow that’s the coolest guy, I just had to talk to him!
  56. I was bullied in 6th grade and got jumped by two girls in my middle school bathroom. Hey, It’s okay, I’d like to think my skin is tougher than it was then.
  57. There are probably a million agendas in my possession. What can I say? Agendas get me going.