5 Steps to Prepare Your Skin for Flawless Makeup

Hello gorgeous! Did you know that prepping your skin before you put on your makeup can actually not only help your skin stay refreshed but it will also help reduce the looks of CAKEY makeup? Let’s get real for a moment… No one appreciates the look of cakey makeup. If you do then I’m not sure what to tell you love but good for you for fighting the system! For those of you who want to reduce the look of cakey makeup by 100% then here are five steps to prepare your skin for flawless makeup!

Five Steps to Prepare Your Skin for Flawless Makeup

Preparing your skin for flawless makeup shouldn’t be a twelve-step routine because we all know that it’s more tempting to skip the whole routine and jump right into the makeup part, which is a big NO-NO! You can think of your skin like the walls of your home, you wouldn’t want to paint a layer of paint on top of the dirt in your home so why wouldn’t you prep your face for makeup? Let’s dive right into these five easy steps to prepare your skin for flawless makeup!


#1 Cleanse your skin like there’s no tomorrow

Beauties, it’s so very important to cleanse your face before you apply your makeup. As I mentioned above, you don’t want to add a layer of makeup on a dirty face just like you wouldn’t add fresh paint on dirty walls. Not only that but your makeup won’t blend well and you’re just going be yelling in your bathroom while your cat looks at you like why? I don’t want you to scare your cat anymore, get yourself an amazing cleanser. Preferably one that doesn’t feel like you’re ripping your face off!

If you are in search of a fantastic cleanser than check out Mary Kay’s new Miracle Set 3D 4-1 Cleaner. We offer two formulas, one for combination to normal skin and oily skin. Where else can you find a cleanser that has age-defying ingredients and is only $24?


#2 Exfoliate your skin with the delicacy of a Queen

You can cleanse your skin all you want but you should at least exfoliate your skin 2 times a week. It’s important that you don’t surpass 2 times a week, it will aggravate your skin if you do so. If you have oily skin but not too sensitive then you should exfoliate 2 times a week. Just make sure to write some notes on your reaction because what may work for one person with oily skin might not work for you. Just remember that when you’re exfoliating your skin, you should be oh so gentle because the last thing you want to do is irritate your skin or pull down your skin by being too rough. Always exfoliate with two fingers, preferably your ring finger and middle finger as your ring finger doesn’t allow you to put a lot of pressure on your face. Gentle upwards circles are the key to successfully exfoliating your skin!


#3 Hydrate or tone your skin for a brighter appearance

A lot of us tend to skip this step, and I include myself into this equation because I too, have forgotten this step numerous times but nonetheless, I know the importance of it now. This step is probably tattooed in my brain! Once your skin is perfectly clean and exfoliated it’s time to draw back some hydration into your skin to make it look a little more lively and less tired. You can add this hydration by using a toner or hydrating product onto your skin. Many makeup gurus use rose water as a toner but since I breathe Mary Kay I use Clear Proof Blemish Control Toner because sometimes I get breakouts so I mix this product in with my everyday skincare regimen plus it was only $15 so I really had no excuse but to buy it!


#4 Moisturize your skin like your life depends on it!

I cannot stress the importance of moisturizing your face enough! Even if you choose not to do step 2 or 3 you need to moisturize because you would be surprised to know that your skin throughout the day loses a lot of hydration and natural oils. Not only that but that sun drys up your skin and will cause you to look a whole lot older. If you didn’t already know, the sun ages the skin and that’s why I always recommend using a moisturizer with SPF in it. I know what you’re thinking, not everyone gets sunburned on a daily basis, while your face might not show the signs of damage, it will dry your face up no matter what (unless you use a moisturizer with SPF in it of course).

Finding the right moisturizer might take some trial and error if you have yet to find one, but don’t give up. Always look for a moisturizer that compliments your skin type. Otherwise, you won’t be doing your skin any good! If you’re dry skin or combination skin, using a formula for oily skin will not help your type of skin, it is designed to help only oily skin. Pay attention to the ingredients too.

I use Mary Kay’s Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 3o Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (whew! A lot of words, I know) I use the night cream as well in the TimeWise collection because your girl doesn’t want to look her age when she hits 50!


#5 Don’t forget to prime your face

Just like you would prime your walls before you add on the paint, you should prime your face before you add on your makeup. This will help fill in those pesky pores and allow your makeup to be applied FLAWLESSLY. If you turn red like your girl when you’re filling up the gas of your car, then I recommend using a foundation primer that has SPF in its formula. Stay away from fragrance primers, there’s no reason for someone to sniff your face girl. Not just for that reason but fragrances are heavy on the skin and you don’t want to clog any pores or make your face feel heavy.

My favorite foundation primer, can you guess from where? Duh, Mary Kay but honestly It’s an amazing foundation primer and I’ve always been one to have large pores! If you’re looking for a matte finish for a big night out I would recommend using Smashbox Photo Finish foundation finish.

Don’t sleep on these five steps to prepare your skin for flawless makeup!

Now that you know the five steps to prepare your skin for flawless makeup, you need to go out there and SLAY. 

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  1. Haven’t tried many Mary Kay products but agree that the more we take care of our skin the healthier it will be and the better our make up will look!

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